Traditional party

Traditional bachelor party is a very popular party organized by local residents. It has been a long time since this traditional bachelor party was established. It was about a hundred years ago when the two couple tried to find a free date for their wedding celebration. You know, they celebrate weddings at their house for a very long time, so it wasn`t true that these couples also wanted a wedding according to tradition. Unfortunately, it was full everywhere, so they figured out that they would make their own personal wedding. And as a place so they chose the beach next to the beautiful warm sea. Well who would resist? The traditional bachelor party was created thanks to the wedding. The couple, who had evzali the day before, figured out that live music would play at their parties, as they had before. It was on the sand and sawed with coconut water and other drinks corresponding to that time.

Party in nature is the best

In addition, fish was served as food, because thanks to the sea there were a lot of fish, so fish was a very cheap food and you could still eat a lot. And this traditional has remained. Just nowadays, with the change that there is a choice of many foods, even very new, new and also types of drinks. that everyone would like to taste them.

Traditional party in the pool

Have you tried lobster with sweet potatoes and asparagus? This is a very traditional food for their party. Everyone likes it very much and it`s just hard to imagine it without this. therefore, this dish has become very traditional and very tasty. What about dancing? Do you like to dance? I dance very much and very often. it`s my favorite sport and also my movement. In this sport, endorphins are released and immediately everyone is happier. moreover, these traditional dances such as salsa bring people closer together and do everything in order. Are you interested? So click here on our website.