Paradise in Matahari

Everyone needs a change from time to time in their lives that will move them somewhere further. We should set new borders and set limits that we can broke. This may not only apply at work, but also in our personal life. A big change doesn\’t have to be just buying a new car or a house, it can also be a great experience that we will not forget and that will give us something. Try something new.

Do you sometimes go for a relaxing massage? They are very pleasant, you are relaxed after them and you feel good. But what if you tried another form? Our Matahari salon offers you the best erotic massage Prague.


Someone is looking for adrenaline in the form of sports, but believe, you can experience real excitement during this type of massage. A naked masseuse will break the blood in your veins and you will not be able to breathe with excitement. She will lay down on you and experience a body to body massage.

We would like you to really enjoy everything to the maximum, so a hot shower will be ready for you to start your procedure. You will also be taken care of by masseuse who will prepare hot oils and she will have her magic hands ready. It relaxes your body and mind and lets you go through indescribable feelings. In the process, you will enjoy many touches in intimate parts that will take you to paradise.


You can have the girl that you want. We have a list on our websites, where you can find girls who work that day – you can choose your favourite girl and also procedure. We have also special procedures for women or also for pairs – so you can take your partner with you and enjoy common procedure. There is also massesur who has free dates for women – he is really handy and nice, so women are always satisfied with results of procedure. He offers several procedures, so she can choose the best!